The DEC is a multidisciplinary research center and thus does not offer any courses or degrees. However, we welcome students who wish to collaborate with, and develop their research at, the DEC.

Students who wish to be associated with the Center pursue degrees in other departments, such as Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics and Data Science, or the Jackson School of Global Affairs. Depending on topics and availability, they may be co-supervised by Professor Floridi for their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. If you wish to apply to Yale and collaborate with the Center, please check the admission requirements and curriculum of your relevant degree program for more information. If you are already enrolled, please consult with your academic adviser before contacting the DEC. If you are interested in a Postgraduate Associate position, please consult our researcher page.

If you are a current Yale student interested in working as a research assistant (RA) during the academic year, the DEC offers paid RA positions on a competitive basis. Work as RAs usually supports the Center’s ongoing research but can develop into independent projects. Students wishing to write their Senior Thesis on topics relevant to the DEC are welcome to apply, and, depending on the circumstances, may also use their time as an RA to support their thesis work and be supervised by Professor Floridi. Summer RA positions are more difficult to secure because they are typically reserved for students already familiar with the DEC. Before applying, please consult with your academic adviser.

How to Apply

Applications should include:

  1. A cover letter indicating your interest in the DEC activities and the RA, your school affiliation and graduation year
  2. A short CV
  3. A project of some activities you may wish to develop

Please send your application to, using the subject line “RA Applicant.” Please submit your materials as PDF files and name them LastName-FirstName.coverletter.pdf, LastName-FirstName.CV.pdf, LastName-FirstName.project.pdf.

Please note that we do not write preliminary letters of support for grant or other scholarship applications. All student worker positions are residential and cannot be remote. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. There is no deadline. Qualified applicants may be contacted to schedule an online interview and asked to submit two letters of recommendation.