Health Artificial Intelligence: Science, Technology, and Ethics (HASTE) Community Workshop

The Digital Ethics Center at Yale, in partnership with MIT is hosting a three-day community workshop on AI policy and healthcare on August 28-30, at the Lecture Hall and Memorabilia Room in Sterling Memorial Library, 120 High St., New Haven, CT. The aim of this workshop is to make AI policy in healthcare more accessible to a more diverse audience.

Many governments globally are in the process of developing legislation designed to ensure trustworthiness of AI applications and reduce the potential risks to individuals and society– particularly with regards to the use of AI In healthcare. The two flagship examples of such legislation are the EU AI Act and the US Executive Order on AI. Since both pieces of legislation, and legislation that is yet to come, have significant implications for the extent to which AI will have a direct impact on the lives of the public, and specifically the users of healthcare services, it is vital that as many voices as possible are heard as new legislation is developed and the recently passed legislation is operationalized. The purpose of this policy workshop is, therefore, to provide an opportunity for younger and more diverse voices to become involved in these conversations and to collaboratively develop answers to important questions such as (based on the EU/US legislation):  

  • What would the trustworthy AI be from the perspectives of clinicians, patients, hospital, regulators? How will conflicts of interests affect trustworthiness?   
  • What are the potential risks and challenges that you experience in your daily tasks/life that you think may affect the trustworthiness of medical AI?   
  • What do you think transparency would mean for your particular role or behavior, decisions that you are making regularly?  
  • What are you going to do differently: what are the steps and processes in your own role, daily tasks and decision-making that you can do to overcome the biases that you think arises in using AI in healthcare?  

Participants will be invited to hear from expert speakers, and to break into teams to complete specific policy-focused tasks, such as developing health quality and equity metrics. The workshop will result in a publishable (and co-authored) whitepaper that will be shared with senior policymakers to influence the ongoing legislative process. 

This workshop is open to senior high school and college students, health professionals, and community leaders in New Haven.   

Sponsorship packages are available. 

Register here: Registration is capped at 25. 

For questions, please contact Soo Rasmussen, Senior Administrative Assistant, Digital Ethics Center, or call +1 (203) 432-6473